Brushed Black or Purple Copper Water Bottle 750ml

Brushed Black or Purple Copper Water Bottle 750ml


Why choose one of our re-usable Copper Water Bottles other than they look amazing?


  • Help reduce Plastic Pollution  10,000 Plastic Water Bottles are purchased every second that are not recycled.  By using our Copper Water Bottles you will be “helping the environment one sip at a time” by reducing the use of single use plastic water bottles.
  • Ocean Friendly  The Copper Water Bottles are not only sustainably sourced, but are recyclable  and plastic free.
  • Hand finished by Fair Trade artisans in India in beautiful patterns designed in Great Britain.
  • Health Benefits  Copper drinking vessels are believed to have a number of health benefits including helping to remove bacteria from drinking water.  


Recent studies have shown how the natural anti-bacterial properties of copper may help reduce the spread of viruses with Covid-19 only lasting around 4 hours on copper surfaces whereas it can last up to 3 days on plastic.  The copper bottoms of the bottles alone will help reduce the spread of viruses from surface to surface making our Copper Water Bottles not only the environmental choice but the healthy one too.


Before use - rinse thoroughly and fill with water with a slice of lemon leaving for a few hours before first use for maximum enjoyment.


  • To be used as a cold water bottle only not suitable for hot drinks
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Hand wash only