Lokta Paper Lamp Shade

Lokta Paper Lamp Shade


These eco-friendly shades are made from lokta paper that derives from the bark of the Daphne Papyrus bush (lokta plant), which grows on the southern slopes of the Himalayan mountains.  Whilst the inner bark is stripped away there is no damage to the roots and so plants regrow, making this a fully sustainable resource.


Every shade is handmade by skilled Nepalese artisans using traditional techniques to create the vibrant colours and designs.   The shade is suitable for interior use and can be tied to the electrical flex. 



Colours: blue, orange or green.

(note: colours may vary online due to individual monitor settings)


Dimensions: approx. 25cm x 18cm


As with any handcrafted item made with natural materials there may be slight variations or imperfections, which we feel only adds character and charm.