Felt Duffle Bag with Finger Puppets (pink)
This beautiful felt duffle bag has been hand made in Tibet by local artisan women who fit the work around there family life.  The ladies are paid fairly for there work.


  • Felt is handmade produced using traditional techniques.
  • The felt contains only naturally produced dyes. no synthetics used!
  • The bag has been hand stitched and is available in a range of colours.
  • Bag is approximately 40cm high.  The round base has a circumference of 25cm
  • The bag has drawstrings which can be tied to secure the bag.
  • The best part about this bag the the 5 pockets on the front.  Each of which contains a handmade finger puppet.


Care instructions:
Handwash only.  If you mark the bag use a damp towel with a small amount of washing up liquid and work the mark with small circular motion until removed.
Not water resistant

Felt Duffle Bag with Finger Puppets (pink)


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