Handmade Lokta Paper Lamp Shade

Lokta Paper Lamp Shade With Real Fern leaves & Marigold Petals


Our Lamp shades are made from by local artisan women who take the work home to fit around there family commitments.


Lokta paper is handmade from the fibrous inner bark of high elevation Laurel plant and lokta bushes. The paper is very durable as well as being resistant to tearing and mildew.


  • This lamp shade contains dried marigold petals and fern leaves which look absolutely beautiful when lit.
  • The lamp shade measures: 44cm x 22cm
  • The lamp shade is a very basic design as resources are very limited. For this rason the method of fixing the shade is achieved by tying the strings to the light cord.

Handmade Lokta Paper Lamp Shade


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