Champagne Grey Soapstone Animals

These beautiful etched stone animal sculptures would make the perfect housewarming gift.


Stone sculptures have been carved in Kiisi in Kenya for over 60 years. Kiisi Stone is soft and varies in colour from white to rose and even grey. Carvers work in small specialised carving groups, diligently crafting the animal sculptures. Once carved, they are polished and dyed in the champagne grey hue, and beautiful etchings are inscribed on them by another skilled teams of artisans.



Champagne Grey Giraffe 7cm (H)

Champagne Grey Elephant 7cm (L)


  • Zero plastic product, natural and handmade using simple masonry tools. 
  • Handmade soapstone products have less than 1% environmental impact from production and disposal compaire to non-recylable plastic products.
  • As with any handcrafted item made with natural or recycled materials there may be slight variations or imperfections, which we feel only adds character and charm.
  • Fair trade so your purchase helps provide a stable income and good standard of living for the artists and their families.

Champagne Grey Soapstone Animals


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